Warren Surveys (formerly known as Henry W. Warren & Associates) was established 39 years ago by Henry W. Warren, a former employee of HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration) who was in on the ground floor of reviewing Federal Qualification Applications for HMO start-up organizations in the early seventies, the growth of which was fueled by President Nixon’s announcement of a new national health care strategy – the development of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) established through federal grants and loan guarantees.

During this time, Henry Warren recognized the need for a reliable source of benchmark salary information unique to HMOs. Upon his retirement in 1980, Mr. Warren developed and conducted the first ever HMO compensation survey, entitled The HMO Executive Salary Survey. This first issue started with only 48 participating organizations – nearly all of which we independently owned Staff and Group Model HMOs. The survey covered only 12 top executive and mid-level management positions and 4 primary care physician specialties.

In 1986, the survey was purchased by DeMarco & Associates, Inc., an Illinois based corporation and today is known as Warren Surveys. The HMO Salary Survey was and is the most widely known and most comprehensive tool for salary administration and staff retention not only within HMOs, but the managed care industry as a whole. With the valuable input from our subscribers, our survey products have grown and changed to meet this evolving sector of our health care delivery system.

In the late 1990’s we developed an Allied Health Care & Physician Compensation and Benefits Survey to meet the needs of different segments of our health care system including not only HMOs, but hospital systems, university based entities, community health centers, physician/hospital organizations and ambulatory care centers that employ clinical staff. This survey covered 94 allied health positions including 23 in the behavioral health area, as well as 32 physician specialties. Recently, we combined the Warren HMO Salary Survey and the Allied Health Care & Physician Compensation and Benefits Survey into one survey called The Warren Compensation Survey and have continued to add new positions as the health care industry changes. This combined Compensation Survey now covers 339 positions and includes over 365 participating organizations representing over 1400 locations nationwide.

Our Managed Care Staffing Ratio Update is a relatively new endeavor on the part of Warren Surveys. We first published this Update in 1999, then again in 2001, 2004 and 2008/9. We are in the midst of receiving data for another update to be published in 2014. The results of this survey are intended to assist health plans in determining appropriate staffing levels within their organizations.

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